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Are customer photos and data stored?

We prioritize your privacy. Customer images are never shared with third parties. Your photos, including virtual garment fittings, are exclusively visible to you, and you maintain complete control. We do not save any visualizations or photos in our app. Our app empowers you to exercise your data deletion rights directly through the interface, giving you the freedom to remove your personal data anytime.

What is Clothr app?

Clothr (PWA technology) is a technology that allows customers to see how an item of clothing would look on them without having to physically try it on. This can be done taking a photo of the user and superimposing the clothes onto them. Second feature - thanks to the measurement algorithm, it will create a human model with customers measurements, overlaying the product on it and indicating the correct size.

What makes Clothr different from other solutions?

Clothr as the first and only solution that combines size suggestions and virtual try-ons, all personalized to each customer's unique body measurements. What sets Clothr apart is the ability for customers to receive lifelike visuals that accurately represent their size, shape, and appearance. This means they can confidently assess how an item will look and fit on their own body. After uploading photos to the app, it allows customers to quickly apply products and see them on themselves. This feature-packed solution also includes handy tools like social sharing and personalized recommendations. What's more, it's incredibly user-friendly and doesn't demand users to install any additional applications, all thanks to PWA technology.
Integration of the Virtual Fitting Room with external services, such as e-commerce platforms and image generation engines, is carried out using API interfaces.

How long does it take to integrate Clothr into my e-commerce website?

Several factors can influence our implementation timeframe, including your current website platform, the number of SKUs you carry and 3D model clothes. Contact us for more information.