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Welcome to Clothr - where vision meets innovation and the future of fashion is born anew!

About us

We creating not just an app but also thefuture . We're a place where innovation meets an unwavering passion for creating something exceptional.



Our mission goes beyond revolutionizing the way we experience online shopping; it's about shaping the future of fashion. We believe every brand deserves unique and unforgettable shopping experiences.



Clothr vision is to create an app that transcends the boundaries of traditional e-commerce. We aim for our technology not only to inspire but also to support brands in reaching new heights, bridging the worlds of fashion and modernity.

Virtual Try-on for clothes Fitting and Styling
Clothr Redefining e-commerce fashion
Virtual Try-on for clothes Fitting and Styling
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to meet you
The only conference you need
The only conference you need
The only conference you need

Our story


Clothr was born from the passion of its founders, fashion creators who run online stores and fashion platforms, such as Osnova. Recognizing the challenges related to size selection, returns, and the need to boost sales in the fashion industry, we decided to create an innovative virtual fitting room with a practical approach. And so it happened!

Our team


The team is a collective of fashion, design and innovation enthusiasts. We are a creative team dedicated to crafting unique shopping experiences. Our diversity, combined with a shared love for fashion, propels us to push boundaries and deliver inspiring solutions for anyone looking to express their individuality through style.

Not just fashion enthusiasts, but also a fun-loving, tight-knit team :)