December 5, 2023

Unlock the Potential: 6 benefits of a virtual fitting room for e-commerce and retail

Unlock the Potential: 6 benefits of a virtual fitting room for e-commerce and retail
Have you ever wanted to buy fashionable clothing without the need to visit stores and waste time on endless outfit searches? Specific devices, virtual try-on technology, and simulations can help customers save money, time when shopping and, eventually, buy more clothes. Virtual fitting room may help retailers drive sales, increase engagement, and minimize returns. Data from virtual fitting rooms can also provide retailers with customer insights that can help shape strategy.

Boosting sales

A virtual dressing room empowers retailers to guide customers in finding their optimal size, fit, color, and style, enhancing their shopping confidence and spurring them to complete purchases. Customers are empowered to explore options, customize products to their preferences, and try out multiple items quickly, resulting in accelerated sales. This engaging experience not only drives immediate sales but also fosters customer loyalty, leading to repeat purchases. As a result, retailers have witnessed a fourfold increase in sales and a boost in their average order values.‍

Providing diverse experiences

Retailers can elevate personalization and inclusivity using AI solutions. These tools allow customers to visualize products not just on a standard body model, but on a model created based on their unique body data. In an industry where many feel excluded due to a lack of diversity, retailers shouldn’t overlook the profit potential of a truly personalized virtual try-on experience.

Reducing return rates

One of the biggest problems for fashion retailers is the ever-growing number of returns. Returns create hassle and cost money, especially if you offer a free return policy. The main problem with the return was that the product was too large or too small. Combined with a size recommendation solution aimed at matching customers with their best size and fit, retailers can overcome sizing issues before the customer completes their order. “The most effective solutions compare each customer’s precise body data against product data to determine the ideal option for them — helping retailers to avoid up to 20% of returned sales”.

Improved engagement

Virtual dressing rooms encourage shoppers to experiment with different styles and explore products they may not have considered otherwise. Unlike the traditional in-store experience of spending hours in the fitting room, exploring different looks is now a quick and hassle-free process, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

Customer insights

Virtual fitting rooms often include some level of customer data, which can provide meaningful insights for your retail business. For example, if you notice a significant number of shoppers with similar body measurements, you may consider adding a size to cater to that body specifically — or ordering extra of that size when purchasing new stock. You can also analyze how shoppers mix clothing to create outfits, which may influence your merchandising and marketing strategies. Additionally, you can configure your virtual fitting room to collect customer emails or satisfaction surveys.

Providing customer convenience

Concerns over product fit account for 35% of customer issues. With the complexity of sizing charts varying across retailers, customers often struggle to find the right size or rely on customer service support. Virtual fitting rooms, such as the one offered by Clothr, address these challenges, providing a convenient solution for shoppers and reducing return rates while improving conversion rates and building strong customer connections to support online sales. Make the shift to virtual fitting rooms with Clothr!

The key to succeeding in modern-day retail is giving customers the virtual shopping experiences they want. Long gone are the days of visiting a store, queuing for a fitting room, and changing clothes. People want convenience — something a virtual fitting room delivers, regardless of where the shopper is browsing. They’ll reduce return rates, increase conversion rate, build connections with shoppers, and support online sales.

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